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Silver View Equestrian Center LLC

About our Location

Silver View Equestrian Center Is the start of the Silver View Family. Established in 2018 by Rebecca and her Father John Parks to Provide a home for all the horses. Silver View equestrian is a stunning facility with Room for over 60 horses. Nestled in Bend OR were a large barn with options for all. We currently have the facility rented to 2 amazing trainers. Bobbi Hall with Coat Hanger Cow horses and Sydney Mondof with Mondof jumpers. 

Silver View Equestrian Bost 54 stalls, over 20 paddocks with about 17 of them having shelter for horses that spend all year outside. We are not a full service facility but a Self care facility dedicated to the life of the equine. 

We have space at times outside so feel free to give us a call - 

** Photos Coming Soon ***

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